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WordPress Development

Since its advent in 2003 has picked up big time as a stable platform for the bloggers. It has been a very big hit as far as blogging is concerned. Now with more and more development taking place in wordpress theme development framework, it has slowly emerged as a very successful tool as a CMS also. The obvious question that comes to your mind is, What is wordpress? Well frankly, wordpress is a blogging platform which has been widely used. Probably the greatest advantage of wordpress over its rivals is that it is open source and has had thousands of developers working on it. Using customizable wordpress themes is easy and we would like to help you with the same. With any of our services related to wordpress, you get a detailed tutorial on wordpress and complete setup absolutely free! WordPress is, indeed, very trusted! Its stability has been proven by the fact that it runs successfully on Black iD Solutions also has worked extensively on wordpress theme development. We are really good at designing wp template for various niches and we can proudly say, that this website itself is running on a wordpress platform. We mainly offer two kinds of services in wordpress:

Plugin Development

Our developers are very comfortable with the wordpress API. We can customize wordpress to do anything. We are also comfortable with the WPMU structure, and social networking websites are a piece of cake for us. We have a wide range of plugins along with wordpress theme development process which we will be releasing on the web. Of course some of the good ones are for clients and we cannot release them publicly. Nevertheless, we are good at what we do. We can design cool plugins for your customized wp template.

Theme Development

We are experts in development of quality rich wordpress themes. Be it simple blogging themes, to highly complex CMS like themes, we can do them all. We can give you the flexibility of developing your website based on the wordpress framework so you can have the ease of making websites through the beautiful backend administration of customizable wordpress themes. We are sure that this is going to be a very lucrative opportunity for you. This gives you an edge of having updated content over your competitors who need to consult their web developers for the updating of the content! Find the best wp themes for your website in our wordpress themes website,

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