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Your website, your design! We just help you achieve your dream website! Find the simplest and most neatly coded XHTML theme and html templates based on your designs for a better loading website. We convert your visionary website into a reality with our PSD to XHTML image slicing services. Give your website a robust and highly flexible structure to help your customers enjoy their browsing experience on your website.


Custom Coding

High quality object oriented PHP coding. This is the base of the working environment in Black iD Solutions. We are very concerned on the quality of code we deliver. Be it a small mailing script to biggest of CRMs or ERPs, we at Black iD Solutions are very committed to deliver the best quality codes. We have been closely following PEAR coding standards in the more recent times and now we are proud to say that we follow the coding standards set up by the guild of PHP developers.



Since its advent in 2003 has picked up big time as a stable platform for the bloggers. It has been a very big hit as far as blogging is concerned. Now with more and more development taking place in wordpress theme development framework, it has slowly emerged as a very successful tool as a CMS also. The obvious question that comes to your mind is, What is wordpress? Well frankly, wordpress is a blogging platform which has been widely used.



The most recently launched open-source platform, Magento is an ecommerce platform for your online stores. Launched in 2008, this ecommerce platform provides a great list of attractive features which give your online store immense flexibility and control over the other functionalities and content. The platform’s interface also features a very powerful catalog management, search engine optimization and marketing tool which will help you meet with your business requirements.



Developing as the next big thing in the web development platform, Drupal is the latest choice of web developers. A free software package, Drupal allows its individual users, communities and also a huge enterprise to easily publish and organize entire web content for a website. Today, more than thousands of people, as well as organizations are enjoying the compatible features of this platform for their wide varieties of websites.



Change your website structure and its usability with the new award winning CMS, Joomla. Ever since its launch in 2005, Joomla has changed the entire method of publishing web contents on the web. This exceptional open source CMS solution, allows you to create your own websites along with a few web applications, thus giving you the power to give your website a cutting edge over the others.

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