wordpress theme developmentIn the world of wordpress there are thousands of free themes obtainable to apply and alter, but you may still require develop a customized and personalized WordPress theme which is perfect in all aspects to modify the website. WordPress did hit the market in 2003 and since then is an open source technology used for designing websites and blog by most of the developers. WordPress theme development gave its name to beget the design and functionality of websites. It allows the theme developer or user to mutate the website’s look by gleaning commonly-used features in theme.

Benefits of Building Your Website in WordPress

  • By taking aid of the WordPress loop, templates files, and template tags, the website design can be easily altered. WordPress development permits theme developer to make prompt changes in visual design and model of WordPress site.
  • Through the use of over 18,000 plugins, the website owner can aggrandize the functionality of wordpress site by adding additional features like photo slide show, social media sharing, SEO and much more.
  • The theme option page offers an opportunity to website owner whether to manifest thumbnails images on not without using custom field. The WordPress dream theme automatically creates thumbnail images by using a plugin called “Get the Image”.
  • The WordPress theme comes pre-installed with the SEO plugin, which helps to increases the visibility of website in search engine results.
  • Without using the third party FTP client to upload the header image of website, it allows to alter the header image directly from WordPress dashboard. WordPress Dream Theme Settings page allows the theme developer to upload their own custom header image and set up the general setting for website.
  • WordPress development is a software that is character free and available free of cost, and thus anyone can build their websites free of charge.

Now a day, WordPress theme development is gaining popularity in business. Because of highly featured, it is preferred and reliable by most of the theme developers or users for developing and designing websites.