All the <a title=”wordpress” href=”” target=”_blank”>WordPress</a> webmasters worldwide got this New Year present for hacking prevention in the form of update – WordPress 3.0.4. The XSS vulnerability was the major concern for efficient WordPress use. The bug in the HTML sanitation library known as KSES was the reason of XSS vulnerability. The malicious forms of attacks were the downside caused with the help of side script on the web pages of blogs. The result was revoking entree to admin dashboard of the website.

Using this cross site scripting or XSS, people could bypass the security mechanism on client side to insert their scripts on your website pages or online applications. Blog hacking had been reported mainly due to these loopholes of WordPress. If you are using 2.X format as well, get an update. Lacking high security, your server can be attacked anytime with no effort. Fresher should avoid use of providers offering free hosting services. If hosting servers take too long for you, use free blogging options such as WordPress or

You can download the WordPress 3.0.4 to upgrade your files. Try the dashboard based update through the option of auto upgrade. Fix the security bug through this important WordPress update first.