The novel attraction in form of a social networking website by Google is all over the news. There are heightened speculations to Google+, this invite-only networking is going to provide sharing and chat features for videos among groups. Just released last week Google+ is already a buzz word among the SEO masters throughout the globe.

Without doubt this attempt is to change Facebook’s quasi cartel in the social networking group since past five years. Just like Google has almost all control on the internet search and use, this new networking site is probably targeting far reaching search implications as well. Multiple aspects of Google+ are in still unclear, one of them being its effect on the search. Few areas to analyze are discussed below

Search Results for SEO watchers

Many of you know that Google’s Realtime Search was turned off on 4th July. The feeds by twitter offered in real time will probably not show up after all, Google has plans to add up its own Google+ live feeds in their web searches instead of the Twitter feeds. The contract between Twitter and Google has expired and renewing it may not be necessary at all. You can expect live feeds from Google+ right beside the search results in upcoming future.

Brand pages for web entrepreneurs

Google is accepting the new website is not totally ready for SEO or branding pages at the moment. Considering this as a golden opportunity there are full chances the company will add compelling pages for brand profiles. With the out of box thinking Google experts use, tradesmen working online can always hope for unusual platforms for use.

URLs for users

The benefit you got of picking your specific URL at Facebook may not be possible here. As Google+ has not released any brand pages yet, you will have to wait for a while till Google+ begins URL services for your brand promotions.

Sparks Rankings for e-commerce

A content aggregator used by Google+ called Sparks allows users to pick themes like sports or cooking and get apt content streaming right to their profiles. Global buzz regarding this tool and business promotions has started among the SEO community. Deciphering how Sparks will land them in top of Google news or bring in more clients with their content on Google+ is still not clear. Experts from Google confirmed they are still working on the project and further tuning for Sparks is in process. All webmasters can do for now is waiting.

Posts for everyone

By indexing posts from your Google+, the engine makes them available in results even while you are logged in or out of Google. Only the private posts are not up for view in Google search. The indexing of small comments on public posts of Google+ holds considerable weight in optimization.

Webmasters are waiting for answers to their curious questions as to how Google+ plans to do all the ranking and how it will impact their business.

The users form main target of content sharing as far as SEO and Google are concerned, this time it is not keywords or the linked networks of website which determine your business and popularity. Without doubt when statistics show how Facebook use is seizing the overall use of search engines, Google has to come up with a plan like Google+. The Spark aggregation, connectivity and user friendly features offered here will certainly take internet use to new heights. It will be a search web spun around relationships instead of content for a change.