New Year brings special meaning and directions to all business, 2011 also has some surprise in store for the search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing industry. All webmasters are keeping their fingers crossed for their own specialized field to lead the marketing fields. Numerous new ways to promote products have come up in last few years, but all sites need to pass the SEO test for a healthy existence in the web world. This year has seen a rise in search, business campaigning related to social networking and SEO domains. 2011 can see the following trends:

Social Network Optimization

The popularity of Social Media Network has even resulted into a Hollywood movie, so we assume the SEO and the browsing world knows well about it through millions of networking users. SEO is followed by this form of website optimization. When SEO experts combine their skills with social networking overall business prospects are bound to rise. Social Media Optimization can gather back links from the social networking sites by developing a realistic profile and aiming for searches in real time. SEO prospects improve when you have a strong networking impact.

Mobile web

Smartphones, iphones and web enabled mobiles have created a wave in surfing and searching market. There will be constant rise in the statistics of 90 million mobile web users in the coming year. The pressure of web optimization for these new users is on constant rise. Google already has mobile search service and keyword tool for mobile in Adwords. The universal webmasters have claimed it themselves that the results for mobile search is more compared to the computer based searches. Investing the resources in this field of website optimization for mobile will surely pay off well in 2011.

Video Optimization

The second search engine leader of web world is YouTube. Video clips related to your web posted with the right keywords can not only improve visibility, but also boost ranking. SEO prospects will certainly rise if you use this facility and post relevant videos on YouTube. People prefer to use their senses to believe things, providing audio visual video presence to the users will certainly improve optimization.

Local Optimized Search

Google has changed focus from global marketing to localized promotion and search results in 2010. You must focus equally on both aspects, but if you are not found on local search result page you may want to change that in 2011. Webmasters all over the world have reacted differently to this experiment by Google. The competition at local level is very less for now, you can work out to be in the first ranking of result page. The website hosting and business operations can change your local search outcome. Take benefit of the fewer contestants and rule the local search market.

On-Page optimization

Many SEO experts focus more on the Off-Page optimization for results; when you exploit both equally the results will certainly be impressive. Search engines also notice the minor alterations in the page optimization, so you are bound to get more ranking boost and higher revenues in the New Year.

Customized Search

The search results based on personal use and requirements has become a new trend started by Google. It will be your default option when you use Google search engine, others soon follow the personalized search option for search engines. This feature can be a problem for your website if the user doesn’t change the settings. Surfer’s habits can provide a specific search results after certain usage period. Optimize your website for this customized search option, so that you are not disappearing in the background. Popular website with large range of users will keep your site in better search result position. Improve your site to bring in more users by better branding.

Hi Speed Loading

The loading time taken by a website makes all the difference in the world for a site to be popular or not. Search engines change rankings based on the web performance and downloading time of the site. Optimum use of Meta tags while coding process is the best way to improve speed and ranking through the spiders of the search engines.

Follow the trends mentioned here or set new ones for the world yourself. Search Engine Optimization for now is a never ending process, improve your site ratings and earn profits in the year 2011.