Google engineers have filed patent which certainly changed the SEO world in 2003. Document Scoring Based on Document Content Update, this patent not just providing apt insight for largest search engine of the world, but is also giving accurate path roadmap followed by Google over years.

Bil Slawski indicated that many child patents were spawned after this one by Google during his search on 10 most essential search patents of time. These patents are mostly similar and some are with slight modified changes having latest discovery dated October 2011. The algorithmic changes seen mostly are improvements of the original concepts that Google engineers conceived few years ago.

Lately fresh website content was considered to be important as part of apt query results. The freshness of content can be weighed by the analysis and discussion in this article.

Search for fresh content by Google

Some search queries look at the fresh content whereas parts of the algorithm still takes into account the old method of ranking. The keyword types and specific searches will need updated fresh content:

  • Events and related hot topics: NBA lockout, American music awards
  • Events that are regularly recurring: “NFL scores”, “Exxon earings”, “dancing with stars”
  • Updates on frequent basis: “reviews of Subaru impreza”, “best ip cameras”

The patents by Google give insight for evaluating web content and for using the signals that indicates fresh content for high ranking and adjustments accordingly.

There are no fixed rules related to patents and filings or SEO experiences as the long term experiments indicated. However it is best to look at the scenario based on your experiments and specific information discussed here:

Inception date related freshness

The date of inception that gradually wears off over time will determine freshness of web page. The piece of information and related queries will give content boost when it is fresh, later it can get degraded as time passes by.

The date is seen as Google first registers about your document’s existence, as Googlebot indexed document and related links.

Changes in documents

Webpage or domain is not all about its freshness. Search engine can track the specific content which may be related to changes and role of the website. One sentence change may not have same effect as compared to extensive change in the main document and text.

Frequency and freshness of documents

Content which is changed frequently will be rated in different manner as compared to annual changes on pages. People look at the USA today pages rather than change in research website if it has regular or daily update.

New page creations and freshness

Most websites add new pages over the option to revise the old pages and edit them. Primary blogs also do the same. There are many pages that get freshness score as the pages are added to website as compared to low update statistics of other sites.

Many SEOs also show that you can add 20-30% pages per site every year. With this the chance to increase visibility among the search engine increases considerably. Opt for creation and posting of fresh content if you want attention immediately.

Links are important for freshness as well

The high freshness score of website can be linked to others with low scores to increase their overall score. You can find links to old static site and post it across the fresh pages to get more organic traffic.

New signal indicates growth

Even with logic, you will know site relevance among search engines increases if new signals are passed. The fresh and relevant content will indicate growth of the website. However, spam or black hat is also indicated if websites are checked thoroughly, as manipulative form of techniques for link building. Search engines red flag such form of behavior.

Important content changes make more difference

There are essential changes in documents which indicate of fresh content which are different as compared to the not so important content. Navigation, content along folds, advertisements and similar changes are not essential. Main text along the body is vital.

Anchor test changes leads to link devaluation

When website shows considerable changes the anchor text also should be altered as per the updates on pages. When you purchase domain for automobiles, changing it for a cookery website will include anchor text for cooking instead of that for cars.

Google notices it as a page changes and old anchor remains the same and will devalue your links gradually.

Queries benefitting through older documents

New results are not necessarily always considered as best. Some authoritative website may hold more credit and reputation as compared to a new site posting frequent content on the web. There are many aged documents that show as part of the search results even as it is old.

As per the patent content of the page and freshness will be determined based on the average age and results returned for specific queries.

Freshness and user behavior

There are instances when old and possibly outdated content was once in high demand. People will spend less time on sites that are not providing new recent news or relevant content. They will search for latest happenings and updates rather than going through same events and old information.

Google makes note of all these metrics and related scores so your pages are ranked accordingly.


Search engine works to return most relevant search results for users. It is in your interest to provide good and recent content which will make the site look efficient.

Old content will help in page view, but it will not be able to target high revenues. You will benefit from continuous content and fresh queries so the website is ranked high.

Make the most of the possibilities and how you can earn high ROI from the website.