Technology has been pivotal in helping us market our brands. Social networking has been instrumental in giving rise to content marketing contest where the one who has the best content would be at the pinnacle. All through this, visual storytelling has remained unchanged.

Storytelling is extremely powerful as it cannot be substituted at all. Add to it a picture then the amalgamation becomes extremely significant. Websites like Instagram and Pinterest use images to emphasize that every picture is worth more than a thousand printed words.
Viewers are known to connect themselves to videos which they discuss and share. This works in your favor if you have decided to produce videos.

Visual Storytelling of Black iD

Important Storytelling Fundamentals

Stories have been a part of our psyche since long. They help us to understand, emulate, and spread information. Brandon Whalen has developed a guidance course on visual storytelling for the Online Marketing Institute. He recommends Christopher Booker’s The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories, which tells us how visual storytelling works online via seven stories that have been successful since very long.

  • Conquer The Impediment: Nike’s story shows that it is necessary for us to practice harder with every passing day to climb over the impediment and to achieve greatness in our respective fields.
  • The Quest: This element exemplifies the need to understand that to discern the truth it is necessary that you face the dangers that lies ahead. Red Bull emphasizes on the fact that you should push yourself to your limits to get the achievement.
  • Homecoming after a Journey: Dove in this advertisement shows that the perception of beauty today is distorted. A journey into the beauty industry shows that true beauty gets hidden somewhere.
  • A New Beginning: Retiring from job gives a sense of losing a grip on our day to day activity and there is a need to begin everything again. Prudential very aptly shows this via the life of Mujahid Abdul Rashid.
  • The Climb to the Peak: Sticking to one’s morals and making it to the top is a well known idea that is being inculcated by Chrysler’s advertisements.
  • Misfortune: St. John Ambulance uses the element of tragedy to communicate the significance of first aid.
  • Comedy: It is amusing to see Old Spice advertisements that poke fun at manliness.

 Important Points:

  • Make use of a central character with whom the audience should be able to relate.
  • Care should be taken to demonstrate a variance and solutions should be sought to solve it.


You can also experiment imagery with Facebook to promote your brand. You can upload photos on your timeline. Care should be taken to use correct dimensions to avoid negative observations.

Twitter and Instagram

Connect your Twitter account to Instagram to enable imagery because it is not possible to be visual with a text based medium like Twitter. Try to involve the users in your story by putting up contests.


A way to help your story is to put up a board that focuses not just on your branded content but one that has topics to help promote your story.

To conclude, a deeper insight, a tale and powerful images to substantiate the tale are only needed to create a great content and a real interest.