Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the goal of all web developers, we all are running for the 1st position in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Imagine your goal is being moved constantly, but you still have to run and reach it! It is tough especially if Google, the leader of search engine can change the game plan every once in a while. We work for better results that make our clients happy. It is a tough job to keep customers content in the internet market, unless they see good page ranks.

People get tempted to opt for hook or crook measures to get into the highly ranked page result. Black hat or white hat techniques may not be justified terms to explain specific approach to optimize a website. Using impudence to take advantage of the weak spots of search engine, and benefitting out of it may be normal course of action for some.

It is important to play by the rules and keep things in order, but the real meaning of optimization could fall in the background while we discuss the black hat and white hat techniques in search engine market.

Is Black Hat need of the hour?

All kind of gaming with the search engine system is mainly the black hat approach. Google is setting benchmark for giving the best results to users during every search. The real inside secret, if the search results are purely based on optimized or financially gainful websites is still unknown. Every system may have its pros and cons we are left with the choice to make the best of it.

Professional approach to get higher ranks in search pages compared to our rivals is only relevant to us as an SEO expert. There can be more than hundreds of algorithms used by Google to get the SERPs but there are instances where we do not really see the best output. We tend to question the genuine approach used by Google for results.

Tricks are plenty for black hat users to gain rankings like adding irrelevant back links to bring users to our website through a well indexed page. Adding key words or phrases in the Meta tags or links could also be called deception? Analysis show how cheating is used by most of the people dealing with SEO if they assume it will not be traced back to them. All think they are doing it on a small level, but it adds up to a lot of black hat tactics. Discussions about the black and white lies never end in any scenario.

Jury lead by Google

Google has the right to judge our right or wrong approach to the highest ranking race. We all try our best to get the crawlers come up to our websites, give us more business prospects and increased finances. In the race, if we choose the wrong approach to take a different route where everyone else is going through the same path are we bound to be disqualified?

In case where only winning matters what is fair and what is not, cannot be clear. SEO professionals can play safe and use the white hat approach or just go beyond and set new norms. We all do the best we can, only some do it in a noticeable way and may get blocked due to overdoing it.

Right wrong and real

SERPs are becoming irrelevant with new tools like local Google results and instant searches. Well versed with SEO, a professional would not recommend use of black hat techniques. Your site may just end up with a red flag without questions. No one wants to cut the branch they are sitting on! Morals are not in the picture here, your reputation and years of hard work can be at risk.

You can be focused on rich creative content that is relevant and useful to win this rank race. Spend all your energy in making the optimum websites first, they will automatically be found by the engines in some time. Using techniques comes into picture much later and black or white well that is not at all an issue.