Readers are all searching for what they want on the internet; in such a scenario reading through all that is offered on the page doesn’t interest them much. They can just click on the close button or go back to previous page listings to get relevant reading material. Even skipping through part of it or just ignoring the boring content can be an easy option. If page 1 has no connection to page 5, who wants to read across 4 uninteresting pages to reach there? Proper language, order of the idea and appealing article will be the choice of any browser.

No guidelines telling us about such content makes it a bit difficult to understand the mind of our readers. It is not impossible to find out what it could be, even though it is tough. There can be multiple reasons for an article to be drab we can put light on some of the following:

Well placed content

Search engine optimization (SEO) is really important for the web industry, but you must not forget the basics just to reach the extreme. Google indexing helps in giving the right search engine result pages and it rules the web world. Formatting, keywords usage, Meta tags and sentence formation all is important. Just adding the right keywords with an upside down language will not help in increasing the web page ranking.

Altering a pre-existing piece of literature or description with keyword stuffed grammatically incorrect language is mockery to English. You may not consider it, but the readers take notice of such errors. Get an idea to talk about and then wrap your keywords around it not the other way round. In case your page is simply not giving the right content in a logically correct manner readers will considered it as crap.

Relevant examples

Using loud words to simply praise your product will not bring long term customers to your page. Supporting your claim with sensible instances will be better compared to bragging about your market value or how good a particular item is. People will be able to imagine themselves using that product if you give them chance to link with it. Explaining in multiple words can be substituted with a short direct example expressing your views to the reader clearly in an interesting manner.

Humor out of the blue

Laughter will make readers happy, but only if the jokes are humorous. Web content need to be entertaining but sarcasm or nasty pun will make a bad impression on your readers. Stretching a wise-crack is also not good idea. If humor comes to you in all natural way with the flow of your content go ahead and include it. Otherwise you must keep it direct without any forced, confused or overused jokes just for the sake of using it.

All fancy yet invalid

You never want to misuse someone’s time making them read pages of irrelevant content or false claims. It takes a long time to create a brand but if your web page has untrue content or proves invalid your work will be a waste. Allow the customers to get a happy experience while reading about your products. Even tips to maintain the item bought at your site or skills to improved usage, your history of creating the brand to its current level can also become a way to connect to the consumers. It should be all yours in real sense to prevent it from going to the crap category.

Memetics use

Ideas send across people on the web through the social networking that becomes a phrase or catchy saying are memes. In case your meme is referenced to a specific article it makes the read interesting; if forcefully added it becomes dull and tacky. To target specific group of buyers or to focus on a product specific meme, you must use it judiciously in your content.

Remember there are many products and sellers out there to get the attention of your customers; one small error like an unexciting article can change your business for long period. Be careful of the content that is posted, what it can do to your brand promotions and image in either good or bad way.