google panda For any web SEO master, keeping a track of the Google algorithms is the most important element for creating successful SEO strategies. One small change in their algorithms and your SEO rankings can come crashing down the SERPs in just a few hours.

This year, 2 major changes were created by the search engine which struck all the internet marketers with massive force. These changes not only caused almost all marketers to lose their high rankings but also spread great panic amongst the marketers.

Being a SEO master, I simply know the methods that are currently working right for me and also almost all other SEO masters I am in contact. However, the fact remains that none of us know how Google functions, when and what changes it may bring-in into the SEO market. As a result, the SEO strategies work only based on the current SEO algorithms.

Create good sites and make your website panda proof. This is the very basic of creating a successful website that stands strong even against the Panda changes.

The main aim of Google is to provide its users with the best web surfing experience. This simply indicates to providing them with the best results on their searches. Thus, if you create a perfect website, with good SEO based design, high quality unique content that offers good information, your website will not be affected by the Google Panda updates.

In order to explain this to you more clearly, let us take an example. I will compare certain niche websites. Site 1 is monetized by Adsense and this is the first website created by me. Site 2 is a more recent website, has Adsense and promotes mainly the Clickbank products.

Site 1, the first website, is a small website with just 10 pages, some 300 words reviews about products and just 1 article of 600 words. The site successfully made it to the top of the SERPs and stayed at the top for a long time, until recently it lost its position. The rank gave my site huge traffic and helped me earn about $200 every month. The site had absolutely no maintenance and did well every month. However, with the recent panda updates, the site lost its top ranking and the traffic decreased greatly having just 20 unique visitors every day. This also affected the revenue, making it nearly 1/8th of the pre-panda effect.

Site 2 is comparatively a much larger website with above 40 pages and is still growing everyday. With more than 1000 words articles, pictures, videos, photographs, etc. the site is much bigger than the previous site. Any person interested in this niche will benefit a lot when they visit this website. As a result, the website is also ranked No.1 and has several other pages ranked in the first page. However, when the Panda update was released by Google, it hardly made any difference to the website and its ranks. Instead, it improved the ranking of my site.

The result obtained for site 1 could have been similar to the site 1, only if I had dedicated more time for site 1, selecting good content and information for its viewers. This step could have easily helped my site 1 stay on top and also saved the monthly revenue it collected.

This result taught me a lesson of offering only top quality information to all my customers and Google. Providing quality content to all visitors is one of the most essential aspects of Today’s New age SEO.

Significant Content

In certain conditions, merely 300 words is enough to express your message to your customers, while in other conditions, even 1000 words seem short enough to convey the idea. Thus, when Google considers ranking your small 300 word content, don’t be shocked to see your website ranked far behind other websites that offer you 1500 words information about the same topic, including images and also possible videos.

An awfully written content can turn-off your customers, and thus increase your website bounce rate.

Spelling and Grammar Check

Check your content for any possible spelling and grammar check to avoid mistakes which is surely not a favorite for Google.

Keyword using

Use your keywords rightly. Stuffing your content with keywords is no longer important today. Instead it will only affect your web ranking.

Use your keyword naturally in your title, content description, alt tag, H1 tag and in some places through the content.


Pictures and videos always make a website look much more attractive than they usually are. This helps attract the attention of visitors and also keep them glued to the page for more time.


Add call to action ads to your web page. Place them right above the fold, a place where the readers can view it easily. However, don’t add too many ads on your page, such as across the sidebars, headers, below the header, etc. Too many ads make people irritated which make them leave your page instantly. Be decent and Google will like your webpage despite the Panda updates.

Adding an extra zing

Make it your full time career, giving your websites a lot of time which will help you update your website whenever needed. This will help you stay on top of the ranking pages and get good revenue despite the Panda updates.