youtubeThere are many ways to get your brand noticed. You can either advertise on the television or opt for the second biggest search engine available – YouTube. The advantage of utilizing YouTube is that you would be able to direct heavy traffic which in turn would help in popularizing your brand and help search engine optimization.

For numerous institutions, it is quite daunting to upload their videos because they think it is beyond them to understand how YouTube works.

To succeed in this area you need to follow certain simple steps of producing  correct YouTube content.


The primary thing  that needs to be taken care of is to have a strategy about the video you are going to upload. For instance, what do you want to achieve via the video, who are the viewers you intend to target and the duration between your upcoming videos, and so on.

To achieve this, all you have to do is to get all your colleagues to pitch in with their ideas. Allow maximum participation and respect each idea. Try to come up with innovative ideas to capture the attention of the viewers and to hold it. Once all the ideas are collected, sort out and  select the one that appeals to you.

Prepare A Schedule

Regularity in uploading videos is highly encouraged. YouTube is not the least interested in the way you upload your videos.

Try to follow the schedule you have worked out and upload your videos accordingly. This would ensure you have time to prepare for the next video and also take care of other pressing work.


It is not compulsory to hire professionals to shoot your videos. Considering all the work that goes into making a video, it is thought to be quite tough, however it is not at all hard. It would work in your favour if your video looks amateur.

Upload the Video and Optimise

The next step is to upload your brand new video. It is quite easy to upload your video, follow the steps YouTube lists. It is so simple that a first timer can also successfully upload the video.

Once you’ve uploaded your video, post it. Next comes the process of optimization.

This is quite important because this would decide the future of your videos. In the beginning, do a research for keywords. Apart from using keywords which are available from on-hand SEO, you can also utilize keyword tool that YouTube offers.

This done, the next step you have to do is to formulate a catchy title. It is of an immense significance because it would decide why should people browse through your video. Check out different available format and settle for the one that suits your video.


If you think having uploaded the video and sitting pretty dreaming that the best would happen then it is not enough. It is quite vital that the video has to be promoted aggressively. For this there can be no better resource than social networking sites. You can use your blog, Twitter account, Facebook Start to promote it. Bear in mind to embed your video. If you share a good rapport with different site owners, ask them to help you by embedding the video. It is important to have a good number of views because that would decide your ranking on YouTube.

Modify and Customise Your Channel

The whole lot of your videos is uploaded on your own channel. Your personal channel is what YouTube offers you. You have the freedom to change its appearance as you see fit. Give all the necessary information you can. For instance, describe about your videos, links to promote the channel further, link your other networking sites too.

Try to inculcate other relevant channels for the benefit of the clientele.

Become Social

Commit to memory, the basic rule of pulling audiences to your channel is to make your presence felt via your comments on YouTube. Your channel is on a social site YouTube where majority promoting is done when you share and interact.

Commenting positively, encouraging the channel owner, becoming a subscriber are certain things that would work well in your favour.

The above mentioned guidelines are meant to help you get maximum traffic furthermore brand exposure. Remember nothing can be achieved that you intend to, if you have a laid back attitude. Having a positive attitude coupled with patience would put you on the path of success slowly but surely. Good Luck!!