Have you been watching Google alterations lately? In case you were engaged into your projects, the Google algorithm has been changed with respect to Google panda.

What is Google panda?
The websites created the keyword focused articles posted in huge volumes on the internet have been penalized for such activity. The ranking has been altered due to this. This modification is known as Panda update. The hardest hit section includes the webmasters working with shallow content or loading the internet with keywords in form of multiple articles. Some genuine websites have also been trapped in the content farm web.

Panda update and you?
The low quality websites have been targeted that have copied content or are not useful. The websites working hard to keep their content clean may get better ranking for their high quality task. Google is trying to clean up its algorithm so there is an enhanced experience for its users.

  • Linking will never remain simple: SEO and link building experts have to scrape out possible duplicate content on your website.
  • Do not put all your bets on the same engine for ranks: You have to focus on improving your website on an overall basis. Just depending on the Google ranking may have given you a negative impact.
  • Google Adsense awareness: The text and links involving advertising gimmicks need to be evaluated before you begin to exploit them for generating revenues.
  • Getting quality links will not be the same: Using the article based websites to get organic links for your website will need some pondering now.
  • Stay away from spam and try to keep your website as clear as possible to ensure the panda effect is not changing your hard earned rankings.

All poorly managed pages having repetitive articles and irrelevant content has to be removed, because it will have a long term impact on your overall ranking. You need site management to tackle panda effect. Your years of hard work can be compromised if you miss out on simple ways to take your genuine website out of these ranking lows.

What can I do to save my work?
How to react to this massive change in the algorithm would be your biggest problem. SEO, link building and everything web related maybe affected. You can choose the social media as your approach to mend things on time so your trade is not suffering on a large scale. You can get your product descriptions and market image in balanced mode. Google can be really taxing in their algorithms. You can reverse the effect of Google panda on your website with a strategy to improve content quality on the website.

Slow and steady effort to get quality content on your pages that is relevant will ensure you are not tagged under content farm.