Google keeps on updating and implementing its algorithms like Google Penguin and Google Panda and that is very much essential. But sometimes it also affects many sites that are mistakenly manipulated or wrongly linked. These sites face the worst condition of such refresh and since they get affected they try their level best to recover, but unfortunately very few succeed.

“Google Penguin is an algorithm that works on a fixed mathematical calculations to create different scores and rank a page accordingly.”

If you are also one among those website owners and face the problem of recovering your site you should be happy now, as this article will provide answers to all your questions and difficulties related to Link building and Penguin refresh.

Truth and Insides of Google Penguin

Your website or profile’s inbound links are the main target and source which Google Penguin examines to give a score for your site. In this activity the main role is of the Anchor Text, as Penguin concentrates on the Anchor Text and inbound links. Most of the sites that are hit by Penguin are mainly because their inbound links and Anchor texts are either over optimized (over distribution of Anchor Texts in the inbound link profile) or of the worst quality ( in terms of content).

When sites are affected by Google Penguin, especially because of inbound profile and Anchor text it looks something like this

penguin affected inbound links

The big pieces of this pie chart represent the keywords that are Anchored Texts and are for money keywords. These strategies are very good but not with Google penguin. As in this almost 70% to 80% of the links are for only 4 separate Anchor texts and that seems overdone. Google Penguin takes it as over optimization and also an attempt to manipulate Penguin. This kind of inbound linking is very bad for your site. An ideal site with proper inbound links and Anchor texts look something like this

healthy inbound links

This Anchor Text is well distributed yet on seeing the image you may wonder that what are the 4 big pieces of pie and what do that stand for? These are the 4 main types of Anchor Text and they together comprise the major portion of any inbound link profile. The 4 types are:

  • Naked Domains (URLs): These are the actual links (URL) of a website and are the most essential thing that can get authentic and natural inbound links. It is a healthy strategy that is also accepted by Google Penguin. Some of the best examples are,, and
  • Brand Anchors or Brand Anchor Texts: This is very important especially to get authentic and natural inbound links to the website. A company’s brand name can be said in many ways, smallest variation like capitalization, space, acronyms and such are noticed by search engines like Google. Famous examples include Black iD Solutions, BlackiDSolutions, Black id solutions, and BiD.
  • Related Or Hybrid Anchors: These are the keywords that are related very closely with the original brand name of the company/website. These are also the semantic or the theme of the site and are referred as LSI or related or hybrid. For example Black iD Solutions can be Black iD, Web Designing Company, Web Development Company, and SEO Company.
  • Anchors by default/universal: There are many Anchor Texts that are used for inbound linking even though they are not semantic in nature. For example links inserted at “here”, “Visit here”, “Click”, etc. These links give no idea about the destination site so prior Google Penguin and other algorithms SEO experts used to avoid these types of Anchor Texts. This is why such texts are also known as Universal texts or Junk texts.

So to escape or recover your site of Google Penguin and other algorithms eliminate the keyword stuffing and excess rich link building strategies and use any of the above mentioned 4 strategies. First audit your old links and anchor exists and make sure they fall into any of the above mentioned categories if not then either edit or delete them and create new Anchor texts and links. Sometimes simple steps can get the best results. All the best!