On 20 June 2012, there was something unusual seen on Google, in fact Google itself was new. Google that has occupied 65% of the total search engine market experimented with its all new avatar. An interface with top down navigation is its new avatar. In this avatar there is not much change but few basic ones that will affect the avid as well as new searchers.

New searchers might end up clicking on the “Google Ads” every time they search for new key word. The other things remained same; you see the setting options as it was, next to search box and the Google logo on the extreme right of the search box.

An aid to Ad Sense

This avatar is probably an aid to Google Ad Sense, wherein on the extreme left the search tools “Everything, Images, Maps, Video …” is place-exchanged with Google Ads. The search tools are shifted to right below search box. It is also predicted that soon Google will also use the right side blank space for another set of ads or surprise cookies.

Although these ads sometimes help the users get new information and beneficial schemes and goodies of many companies, but overall it is a trouble to new users.

A little Knowledge

Yes, probably this is what the Google’s new avatar is offering apart from banking some notes for themselves. You will see some knowledge graph of the leading website related to your “key word” search. These knowledge graphs will be giving you brief and clear picture of the website and its recent update.

It seems as if this avatar is for financial growth of Google than for searchers’ benefits.