It’s been long I have written something for SEO. Well, it is because the word “SEO” itself is disappearing and coming out as Digital Branding and Online Marketing. I worked as an SEO analyst for about 7 long years and that was not less than enjoying a roller coaster ride.

I still remember my old days of keeping my eyes on daily keyword ranking movements on Google. Within few months, I could get results for any of the targeted keywords. With time, things have changed and now I do not even check what keywords I need to pour and what ranking I am having for my website keywords. By the way, do I really target any keyword?? The answer is a big NO! I may be wrong here but what I understood from my past experience with online industry is a simple key to success: “Do not serve search engines, serve your audience”.

So now, the industry has changed, the type of work has changed. So, is it easy to make your current client understand about a big U turn that Google has taken? Well, I saw mixture of reactions from many of my clients. Of course I need to change my deals, my plans, my strategy and due to that my deal amount. Was that possible for all my clients to bare the extra cost for SEO (online marketing)? It is difficult to explain people about changing strategy and time-consuming process to promote their brands online.

So here, let me share some basic tricks using which you can manage your own brand online.

Basic Strategies You May Apply To Your Brand:

(I am not making it technical or complicated; here are few basic things one should know for a better online presence)

Consult an SEO Expert: Here, the reason why I am saying an SEO expert is because, Google still gives importance to on-page SEO, coding quality of website, load time and many other things that an SEO expert can understand. It is good to consult them once and rectify all the errors that may stop you to get organic traffic via search engines.

Represent your brand: Building trust can build your brand and to build that trust, be the face of your brand. It is very important to represent your brand your own. You, as owner of the brand should be active on all social media platforms. Remember, people like connecting with humans and not brands. So, try to participate in discussions, be there to support them, share your views and ask them for sharing their feedback. This 2 ways communication alw
ays helps to make the brand trust worthier.

Serve The Best: As I said before, it is all about serving your audience, be the best server and make them Happy always. It is the best possible way to build and maintain your brand value. Also show real facts and figures to support your content. That can increase link backs & even trust.


Do not target Keywords: I can mix this with Serve the best category but wanted to highlight this very important point. Behave as you are someone who is running a television daily soap. If you will stretch your topic more than it required just to pass on the time and finish the episode (like many daily soaps now a days are doing ☺) people will find it boring and switch to the other program. Same way, you just need to give 100% importance to your readers and provide the content, which actually helps them. Just avoid writing crap by following old SEO and keywords.

Online Public Relation & Daily Interaction: Online marketing is now as similar as doing PR activities that you are doing in any event, concert, seminar, workshop & by many other ways as per your normal offline business plan. The only difference is, we are doing that using online tools, targeting online audience that suit your niche. Create online events, contests, webinars and more. It will help to increase visibility. Use social media platforms that can help you for 2 ways communication and interaction:

-Social media platforms like facebook and twitter
-Blog connected to your website
-Building community, e-magazine or forum to support your readers.

Here I would like to share an example link of one of my own venture: Women Planet.
We have created a nice facebook platform, e-magazine, print magazine, newsletter and more that can support our work.

Say NO to bulk link building: Still, you can find many old posts and articles on link building strategy that can mislead you towards SEO. Understand that they are old posts and the current way has changed a lot. Do not try any of those bulk back link-building tricks to promote your brand. It may harm your website and even Google may ban your URL from search engine results by keeping you in spamming category.

Ah, other than these, there are many other factors that we can discuss, but I will come up with them in my next article. Let’s get connected via Twitter to take this discussion further – add me @swatij3. You can also mail me at