WordPress is for sure the most popular and used CMS platform in the web world. You always need backup for your work. Get the DropBox to work for you and backup your work with this account from any place in the world. Share the WP themes file from various DropBox accounts. With this form of backup you can get access to all the files anytime.

What are your ideas to support the content on your blogs based on customized WordPress themes?
You get a plug-in allowing you to create backup in automatic way using plug-ins, files, images, themes and everything from your folder in the WordPress.

Download: You can obtain the plug-in with a simple click on the link for installation and downloading in the span of few seconds.

Install: Enter your details about the DropBox and then get Generate Archive button on your plug-in. You can visualize the backup of your blog in few minutes after installing it, but it can vary depending on your file size in the blogs.

Use: You can get the backup option to be done manually or choose the automatic option. You set up cron job for obtaining backups of the WordPress blog during time gaps. There are options to get backup as soon as a post gets published online. With plug-in option you can get the customized WordPress themes backup instantaneously, but your server can be under duress.

Limitations: You should ensure that the file size does not exceed more than 300 MB. This is the limit of DropBox. Files larger than this size will show are rejected when you try to upload them in the folder of DropBox.

You can get WordPress blog to successfully be backed up using the DropBox option. Use your WP themes with ease for all basic business and entertainment plans without worrying.