google-penguinWhat to do and not to do after Google’s latest Penguin update
Recently Google has updates its algorithm and named it as Penguin. Few days before Penguin, Google already had given the panda refresh on April 12 and the whole world began to adjust and frame their websites and links accordingly, now it was just 12 days since the panda refresh that Google again launched new algorithm for websites and search results; Penguin, on April 24, 2012. Again, all website owners and developers pulled their sleeves to arrange and modify their websites and links accordingly.
This updating and modification will never end, Google will go on laying new rules and people who follow will change and those who don’t will find the loop hole and escape. While this circus goes on what we need to do is the following…

What to Do

First thing we need to know is Google and such search engines always have different rules and forums for all types of link building, when we are doing SEO; building our links through texts (Articles, blogs, classifieds, Press Releases and such) we must always follow the genuinity, and originality concept.

  • Use original and genuine texts which are free from plagiarism.
  • Never over stuff the keyword in your text.
  • Give proper and genuine Tags and Meta tags.
  • Use your own links and contents.
  • Post texts into proper posts, and use only those key words which you really want for your website.
  • Be genuine and never try to cheat Google or any other search engines.
  • Use proper and quality articles to link it to your website (through clickable words).
  • Keep your sites updated and clean.
  • If possible use other sources and means to drive traffic to your website.
  • Use available alternatives of Google, let’s say Bing or
  • Never blindly change or delete your works and links, use your mind and try to modify it to reality and genuine

What Not to Do

  • Avoid red widgets.
  • Don’t use or borrow links from other websites as Google sees paid link as manipulative.
  • Avoid Common theme and always push yourself to new levels.
  • Don’t create links by spam texts: Don’t use your key word as your username for any website, never leave your key word as your reply or comment, and above all your signature must not be the keyword to build the link, it must be original.
  • Don’t use links from website which are already into Google’s malware list or spam list.
  • Avoid over use of same text or key word, don’t even use more than required key words for your website as that will spam your website and decrease its overall ranking.

Following these guidelines will help you be tension free and then, let Google change its algorithm as many times and as frequently as they wish, you will always be safe and secure, you don’t have to fear about any kind of penalty or loss.