Google PandaPanda changes have always been one of the most critical updates for all webmasters. In a recent newsletter, Google confirmed its first update for the year 2012 which has already shown its effects on the ranks of many online websites. Google rolled out this confirmation on January 18, 2012, an estimated roll out date for the update, and stated that they have performed a data refresh in their Google Panda algorithm instead of an algorithm update.

The new 3.2 update has started discussions amongst all the webmasters, their experience of new ranking changes to all their web pages and the probable changes made by Google. Over the past several weeks, change in the webpage rankings had been noticed by most webmasters which had been previously indicated by Google’s new panda update.

Google Panda 3.2

The new update to the Panda algorithm is termed as 3.2 and not 2.x as certain 2.x updates that were recorded last year in November were labeled “minor” updates by webmasters which according to Google should have been termed as a major 3.0 update. The next November update was termed as a 3.1 update and hence, this new January update is labeled as the 3.2 panda update.

The new data refresh made by Google cost several high ranking Google web pages to lose their traffic and ranks. The updates are made only with the aim of offering the best details and websites to all Google users. This is yet another effort made by Google to stay as the best search engine online.