Facebook has advanced to another level of sophisticated living. This time Facebook mobile Pages will allow the user to book their choice of restaurant from anywhere at any time. So you don’t even need to say “excuse me” and switch on your laptop for reserving a seat in your favorite restaurant. All you need is a working mobile with internet access.

As of now this service is limited to an estimated 20,000 OpenTable Restaurants across the U.S.A. and Canada. The service can be used through any mobile that allows Facebook Mobile Page access.

Easy, Economical, and Effectively Useful

It uses GPS and type-to-search system for fast and easy discovery of restaurants. The user is advised to have a better internet speed for quick search. At present it is free to install and use. Users are registered via their Facebook Account so there is no email confirmation or “Are You Human” filters.

This facility can be used on both Touch Screen and Keypad mobiles. The user-interface developed by Facebook is very impressive and easy to navigate. With this app you can surely go mobile.