A new search algorithm is announced by Google and this will be in practice from last week of April 2012. This new Search algorithm of Google is for those who violate the quality guidelines and over-optimize their website through keyword stuffing and building links through other SEO strategies.

Google PenaltyThe main aim behind this action is to help Google search users get refined and better results relevant to their key-word search. Google said that over-optimization leads to less useful and valuable contents in the search results, which are like web spam and to avoid this Google will penalize the websites which are not up to the mark or has bad quality contents.

This algorithm shift will now bring change in the way of SEO; people have to concentrate more on what really they want their website to offer than giving more than wanted results through stuffing keywords.

According to a press release published early this month, the algorithm shift is likely to affect those websites that are neither violating nor practicing the existing quality guidelines of Google. An approximate 3 percent of total search queries will be affected through this new algorithm.

An another press release has said that little adjustments and some minute changes will again boost the websites ranking, thereby it is advised to control your websites’ algorithm and manage contents according to the best of the website with utmost concentration on the quality of the content than on stuffing keywords in them.

Google has announced that this algorithm is not aimed to stop articles from being posted so expert and deep analysis of the contents will be done before punishing it as spam. This plan was announced in March at the SXSW Interactive conference by Matt Cutts, Web spam chief, Google.