Webmasters across the world are curious about the modifications and updates Google has to provide to give users a better browsing experience. Google Panda 2.2 update was one such big news lately. Speculations about the Google PageRank have been doing rounds since long in the web world.  You could be obsessed with the scores of the PageRank shown by the Google Toolbar, the fresh news will interest you that finally the toolbar has been updated.

On 27th June 2011, the Toolbar for PageRank has been restructured by Google. The spokesperson for Google have been mentioning in the interviews about this attribute coming soon. This made the webmasters wait with anxiously for this revision, but Google was focused on effectiveness of Google Panda 2.2. After the update of new algorithm by Google many sites were shuffled in ranking, many jumped places whereas multiple sites dropped down.

Now as that stage is clear, Google choose to update the PageRank Tool. This tool is used to determine the ranking of websites, just as the other signals used by Google that are tweaked almost every day. As Google has focused lately on factors like location, social aspect as well as the content quality, people worry about PageRank as well.

In the past month there have been many requests pertaining to the update of Google PageRank tool. Now many websites are coming up with updates in their ranks in diverse webmaster’s forums.  The release of this PageRank update has shown all the SEOs throughout the globe that their site ranking does get affected by the PageRank Toolbar.

Search engines are without doubt the determinant of the success of online property; Google has proved this one more time.