Dominated by hackers, managing the online market is no longer an easy task as it was previously. Creating an online presence is easy, but fighting the hackers, webmasters and other cutthroat competitors for the top spot is an extremely tricky task managed by only a handful of online marketers. With the increasing competition, saturating niches, dwindling market and new strategies, it’s nearly impossible to reach the top without following the smart black hat strategies.

As a novice in the SEO industry, and also partially scared of failure in the very primary stage, most people usually prefer using the clean white hat SEO strategies over the black hat ones. This may surely give you success in the initial stage, but later, it turns out to be a very time consuming strategy without any good revenues. However, there are also stories about the failure of the various black hat sites. Well, these are also true stories but are about the black hat beginners.

Black hat is one of the most powerful and also successful methods of reaping benefits from your recently released websites. Enriched by a bagful of magical tricks, Black hat can do wonders when merged perfectly with white hat strategies and the extensive knowledge of the SEO master. A good, well structured and perfectly managed black hat strategy can also make a black hat site, look and function like a white hat website. But, how do you reach the top page and start generating huge revenues from your new website using black hat?

Make a start by employing a black hat strategy as a small part of your entire plan. Once your first website is a success, creating a secondary website from the gained knowledge of the previous website is not at all risky. Rather, you are actually protecting your bets by launching one, two, three or more websites on the SERPs. These black hat sites are safe on all major search engines, like Google, Yahoo! and Bing, as they don’t include any identifiable cross links. Instead, you can also find a number of other competitor sites doing this for promoting themselves on the web.

Moreover, with the recent black hat strategies, several black hat sites on the web have actually outranked the genuine white hat websites. However, the most interesting fact about them is that both these sites are owned by the same owner. Also, if your black hat site gets kicked off from the search engines due to algorithm changes, you still have a safer side with your main white hat site, intact on the search engines.

So, evolve your website and boost your business revenues with a combination classic black hat and white hat strategies.