As long as the web world has been in existence, we remember websites being hosted only on the traditional dedicated servers. However, this hosting system is soon going to face a revolutionary change with the use of the new cloud hosting software.

Quite different and distinctive from the other hosting strategies, the Cloud software is the new attraction that all webmasters are looking forward to for hosting their websites. Unlike the dedicated servers that shut down your website along with all other users sharing the platform due to certain technical faults, the Cloud software has numbers across the side. It allows you to pay for only those resources that you use for your web hosting. In simple words, it’s like a mobile phone that charges you only for your usage time. In case you select a simple resource, you pay the money just for that one particular resource. However, if your website is suddenly loaded with huge traffic, the software instantly allows you to expand your resources, also increasing your charges for the used space.

The Cloud software automatically diverts power to your website based on its own requirement. This further helps your website to stay online forever without going offline for even a single minute. As a result, the software proves itself more cost effectual than the other traditional hosting servers. The software also allows you to use the resources easily without sharing the space with any other user at higher costs.

However, amidst the wide range of advantages, the only question that raises a huge debate is the reliability of the software against the servers. In order to answer the question, let’s look at it in the form of a simple scenario where you share your website space on a regular standard dedicated server. If this server, hosting hundreds of websites on the web fails, your regularly updated and high traffic website will also go offline, causing loss of traffic to your website. On the contrary, Cloud hosting includes several nodes, or smaller dedicated servers. This hence allows you to stay online through these nodes, even when the other nodes are offline. As a result, the Cloud hosting software proves its reliability against the expensive shared servers.

Accessing the Cloud software is an equally interesting and easy issue. Before availing to its advantages, you need to organize the hardware and its setup. You can use the servers whenever you need them, however one small thing that you need to consider when using the cloud hosting software is that it is a just out of the box technology. As a result, it also has a few disadvantages where the other traditional shared servers prove their benefits. But, in terms of reliability, costing and scalability, the Cloud software wins the race from the traditional servers.