In the never ending battle for the top spot held between all the browsers, Microsoft has once again amplified the competition for the others with the release of Internet Explorer 9. The release of IE9 came as a sudden surprise by the software company which seemed to have taken all the criticisms for its previous browser version a bit seriously. The freshly released IE9 has many more attractive features than its previous versions. The new IE9 features faster page loading time and very few hassles when using it for viewing the various websites. It hence is believed to have taken the lead from the other popular and user-friendly browsers. So, what are these features that make it an essentiality on your computer screen for a better and faster browsing experience?

internet explorer 9

IE9 Special features

The newly released IE9 is designed with some of the most unexpected features hence proving the fact that Microsoft has been learning from its previous mistakes and the better features of its competitors. The new browser version by default, like Google chrome is also stripped off of its screen elements. The menu bar, title bar and the other toolbar buttons are all hidden by default. However, instead of this, you can see the Back and the Forward buttons, the address bar that also doubles as a simple search field, View Favorites and Tools, etc. This neat arrangement of the programs and icons on the webpage gives these features a more application like appearance rather than that of pages running in a program. As a result, the entire browser now looks more organized and user-friendly than before.

The keyboard shortcuts added to the browser for accessing the hidden menus are still functional in the new version. For instance, if you still press Alt+A, the browser will display your Favorites menu. Apart from these basic features, the interface of IE9 is also customized according to the needs of its users. For instance, check the Address bar of the browser. Initially it appears narrow and when you grab it using the right click of the mouse, it extends to the width you want it on your screen.

The new version of IE also has the suggestive feature like that of Chrome. Every time you create a new tab, the browser suggests you with the most popular websites. You are also offered the option to change the websites that appear on your new tab, just the way you can change the sites on Chrome. However, the feature that actually attracts the attention of most Microsoft users is that of its Hardware-accelerated texts, graphics and videos. In simpler words, this means that IE9 will now make use of your PCs hardware for several purposes which it never did earlier. As a result, the new browser is now much faster and loads the graphics and videos incredibly quickly. The tests performed in the recent times on the browser’s speed, now show it leveling the speed of FireFox and also surpassing it in several other tests.

The new version of IE9 also includes the interesting features of Windows 7. For instance, you can check the Pinned Sites feature in IE9 which mainly refers to the browser’s ability to let a user drag a particular tab from the browser and then simply drop it into the Windows 7 taskbar. This feature will hence allow the site to instantly become live on the browser by just a single click. The new IE9 also has several security features which help you secure your network from attacks or opening the unknown malware infected websites.

Compatibility with other Windows versions

The recently released IE9 beta version is however not compatible with other windows versions like Windows XP. Moreover, it has no current intention to become compatible with Windows XP. However, it is believed that the IE9 is compatible with Windows Vista and the Windows 7.

IE9 stability

IE9 is still in its beta version, which means it is still not stable enough for worldwide release. it still has several bugs to consider before being released across the world.