As a part of my job, I conduct several short one-day workshops on SEO. It is obvious that all about SEO cannot be taught or learned in a span of just one day. You need to understand that SEO is like every other technology, an on-going process. I am in the business for over a decade & still learning. The basic idea of the workshops is to generate basic understanding about SEO for one and all. There is always a lot to discuss & explain but I always focus on four main aspects of SEO.

These aspects are by no means operational or technical. They are basically a guideline of what a client or an owner of a particular website should expect from SEO. These concepts are mainly focused for the beginners in SEO or people who are planning on initiating their own SEO project.

1. It is no quick fix

SEO does not happen overnight. Suppose you are looking for a lot of visitors for your websites within a day or two, then reading this article & SEO itself will disappoint you. SEO is a process which builds over time, dedication & continuous input from the one who is performing it. Of all, time is definitely one element no one can speed up. As a matter of fact, it is more than likely that what you do on SEO today may not yield into anything materialistic at the moment. However, if done properly, chances are that it will benefit you in future.
To explain this point better, allow me to use an example.

I write for my company & many other blogging sites. We generate around two to three articles per day. Lots of this generated content gets liked by several people in different virtual locations. Most of them hardly even get read fully. This does not mean that the ones not liked have any influence on our company’s SEO. It does! Recently, one of our blogs appeared in a reputed national newspaper. A year ago, I never thought this was possible. This was only possible through writing unique content on consistent basis over a period of time.

It is understandable that a person who owns a website might not be willing to wait for too long for its SEO to work. However, to achieve genuine SEO, time is one thing everyone has to invest.

2. SEO success

In order to achieve success in SEO, there is no one formula. The only way to achieve SEO success is to do it consistently and dedicatedly. There are no tricks or cheats to achieve quick results. You may get many who will try to state random numbers related to your website’s ranking and try to convince you whatever you are doing is wrong. They will also claim to fix it and provide fast and easy high ranking for your website. People do this only to gain more business, and people who fall in the trap are the ones who are less informed about their own websites.

Recently, few of my company’s clients received a similar e-mail stating their websites are not in top ten rankings nor do they have enough back links. This was obviously wrong as our clients were in top ten rankings for the targeted keywords & they had more than 5000 backlinks to most of their webpages.

3. Link building is an on-going process

In SEO, back links and link building play a very important role. There is also a doubt in every clients mind about how long does one site need back links or link building. They expect to receive a number as an answer. This is unfortunately not true. It is uncertain as to how much link building any particular site may need. There is a very simple way to explain this. An Olympic gold medallist cannot stop training as he/she has achieved the medal. In order to ensure that he/she achieves another medal, they have to continuously train. Similarly, even if your site reaches on the No#1 position in search engines, to maintain that you constantly need to provide back links & do link building for your website. In my long career, I have seen so many sites achieve its peak & then lose it all just because they got complacent.

I hope all these points have helped all the readers to establish if nothing, at least the basic of SEO. As previously mentioned, the key aspects discussed here are not technical or operational. They are just a mind-set and approach that one need to keep towards SEO in order to make the most of it. Hope this will act as a platform from where you can build on your knowledge about SEO. It is very important to remember that being patient, constantly updating and keeping user at the forefront are the prime aspects to develop more business from your website.