seo-strategyWith lots and lots of updates in Google and online Industry, we also should change our views to measure our SEO and online success! It is very important to understand the path and results to get the right solution for your website. Make yourself aware about the SEO facts and find a suitable way to analyze your success. It’s very much possible that you are moving towards wrong direction due to old SEO tactics which is no more in consideration.

I do not want to pass any tactics to measure your SEO by saying, “5 ways to measure your Success” and such direct methods! I just want to suggest the right way to deal with your website marketing that I learn from my past SEO experiences. I am not even suggesting any particular way to follow. This is just a line using which you can draw your path.

6 years ago, we were making our SEO deals and plan based on,

-No. of keywords we target
-No. of pages we target
-No. of links we will pass
-Ranking updates every week

It was helping us to measure the success, get sales and leads in majority of the niches (cannot say for all the sites).NOW, SEO alone is not leading the online market. It’s a very nice balance of SEO with Branding to get solution in online media. You need to build a strategy that can actually help to get visibility solutions. Whether I have passed 30 or 300 links during the month, it will not help me much if I have not passed them in a proper way. Whether I have spent USD 200 or USD 2000 a month, it will not make sense if I have not chosen a right SEO service provider.

What should we keep in mind to measure our online success?

Do not count on No. of keywords – With updated Google strategy, we cannot target few keywords to stuff them in articles and build huge amount of back links following them! Google may penalize us for doing that, even if we are a big brand!
Do not count on No. of pages – For on-page SEO to off-page SEO, you cannot target a few keywords and or pages in online media. You should work for on-page SEO for entire site and each of the inner pages. You should target all relevant and important keywords for SEO- as Main keywords + Optional keywords + Brand specific Keywords = Successful SEO!

Do not count on No. of back links– If you will get a mail saying, I can pass 150+ back links to your site, kindly ignore them! Your SEO can not measure with no. of links. It may actually harm your site. Google may penalize your site too for doing such activities.
We should try to get a customized plan for SEO, after proper analysis of on-page SEO and off-page SEO, that covers social media solutions, branding solutions and other things that suit your niche and site. The most important- A PLAN THAT SUITS YOUR BUSINESS AND SITE!

Do not only track your rank results – Being on top is not the only solution for any site. Top ranks definitely help the business but that is not true for all the niches and sites. Sometimes creative titles inspire to get more clicks even if you are not there on 1st page. We should keep in mind that ranking is not the only way to measure our online success. We should understand what our target audience are and how to reach them. If social media crowd can get better results, we should work more towards them. Sometimes, e-mail marketing, forum discussion, eBook marketing and other ways can attract more crowds. Our plan should be the outcome of our research!

ROI-seoAnalyse your ROI with proper time interval: SEO is a slow process. If you will try to achieve results within a month, it will be your mistake! This will at last push you to take wrong decision while choosing right SEO service providers. We should keep in mind that SEO investments are like our recurring financial plans where you invest every month but will get fruitful result after a long time period. It can be 6 months or it can be years that will be dependent on your niche.
You should analyse your ROI, as that is one of the most important and perfect way to measure your online success. But it should be done at right time or it will be injustice to your current plans or service providers.

Branding & Authority: Branding is more about tracking your reach. When you need marketing solution, please understand that it is not only one time visibility that matters but brand hammering with regular time interval will also affect. It can build trust & authority to our viewers and with time it may start getting leads your way! Things like Podcasting, PPC, forum discussion, blog posting, PR submission and more allows you to reach to no. of people. Not all of them will be your target audience but they may be your lead after few months of referring our past hammering.

So! We can say, now it is not about counting on NUMBERS. NUMBERS are still in the game but we should use it to count our ROI. Isn’t it?