Black iD’s Header Image Slider Plugin is one of the most user friendly and easy to use plugin in its genre. It is one of the most convenient slider plugins that you may find on the web.

The highlights of this plugin are the simplicity of use and impeccable functionality. All you need to do is to call it as a widget in your header and maintain a great slider gallery in you header. You may also give individual links to every image in order to ensure complete control of the header gallery.

Please visit to see the live functioning of this plugin.

Click here to download this plugin

Instructions for the usage of the plugin:

1.       Download the plugin from the above mentioned link.

2.       Activate the plugin. The settings of the plugin can be accessed under “Tools”

3.       Specify the number of images you want to include in the header gallery.

4.       Pass the image url in the “Image URL” field and the link in the “Link URL” field.

5.       Click on the “Save” button to update the changes. The images will now be displayed in the Image section.

6.       Now, you may go to the widget section and call the “Header image slider” in the widget.

Click here to download this plugin