Hello all! With changing trends of online marketing and branding, here we get more and more updates from different platforms. Let’s talk about facebook #tags today!

Have you noticed how many people and companies have taken to using hashtags to get you interested in conversations or create a buzz for their products? Hashtags are a new way of talking across various social networking sites and other social media platforms today. Comments such as #BestBeachResortInEurope will appear on the page of many travel agents giving detailed information about the beach resorts in Europe. Apart from comments they can also be used on fan page posts, event page posts, group posts as well as personal profile posts.

#Hashtag Invention

Facebook HashtagsSo, how did the use of these hashtags come about? They were invented by users of tweeter. The users categorized the topics according to those that were of interest to its members. Apart from interests, in the early days they were used to direct people to events and to inform them about the news around the world. Over the years, hashtags have become so popular that even other social networking sites such as facebook are also looking into their usage by its users.
What was initially just a symbol to organize electronic messages has now become a language, welcomed by companies around the world. They are used today by many companies to create awareness about their products, forth coming projects, campaign, and events organized by a company or a group of companies around the world and much more. A hashtag in short, is a way for people to communicate on topics of interest to them and others around the world. It helps create a link between people all over the world to create and share ideas and thoughts on various topics affecting them directly and indirectly with each other.

How do these hashtags work?
Each hashtag on facebook is redirected to a feed where you can get detailed information about what other users are saying about a particular event or product. You can also click on hashtags, as on Facebook, each hashtag has its own unique URL which appears on a fresh overlay window displaying other matching content. With the growing popularity of facebook, hashtags should help it and its commercial users gain in on the dollars as hashtags have gained immense popularity among advertisers.
Listed below are tips for potential companies to use these hashtags to market their products on social networking sites like Facebook

  1. Keep your hashtags short and sweet. They must be simple and easy to remember and spell to make them more effective
  2. They should be clickable. That is to say, there should not be any space in between words and punctuations should also be avoided. You can use underscores but then you must remember that hashtags should be readable therefore you can in-cooperate the use of uppercase letters.
  3. Create hashtags that will be unique and exclusive to your product or company. They must stand out so that people can differentiate between you and your competitors. Use capital letters for the first letter in each word for example, #BabyProductsOnline
  4. The basic concept of marketing is promotion and therefore you must promote your hashtag to create a buzz and increase the amount of conversation you intend to create for your product. Make sure they appear everywhere. Use them on your website, email signatures, stationery, posters and any other marketing material that you may use. Many hashtags used on social networking sites have their own unique URL. Point your customers towards this URL from other electronic media to get more and more people to talk about your product.
  5. To get people involved into your conversation, you must always use hashtags in the form of a sentence. It will not only make them look more presentable but will help in saving space. For example, #LuxuriousResortsInGoa
  6. As soon as you start sharing hashtags, they become public and can be used by anyone. This is good as it helps promote your product but at the same time, it can harm your product depending on how it is being used. A hashtag can be hijacked and used in a way that can tamper your company’s image and can create negative publicity. This can be prevented by using numbers or abbreviations. Avoid using a very general tag that can be manipulated easily.
  7. Hashtags should be treated as conversation starters in order for them to be successful. People need to be motivated to use and share your hashtag. Use them when supporting a good cause or when promoting an upcoming event to be organized by your company. The more the people get involved in your conversations or feedback regarding your products the higher the chances are of its success. Smart phone applications such as whatsapp are a good way of getting people involved in a conversation regarding your company and its products. Take advantage of every opportunity to get people to talk about you and your products.
  8. Use hash tags that are related to your industry. Look at the pages of competitors on social networks to see which hashtags they are using to attract customers. Also keep in mind that you should use them in hot and happening topics related to your industry whenever possible.
  9. Remember the old saying ‘too much of anything can be poisonous’. Although you need to use the hashtags to their fullest ability you must keep in mind that overuse can sometimes create confusion and push potential customers away. Therefore, you must not use more than 2 hash tags in a line. For example use, #BestStallat#Travelshow instead of #Best#Stall#At#Travel#show

These tips will keep you informed every time someone mentions your brand on facebook. They will give you an idea of what people are saying and what changes they would like to be made. It is a good way for companies to modify newly launched products or better still products that are yet on the production line. Distribute a few samples and ask people to say something about it on your facebook page, this way you will know upfront what people are saying instead of them talking about it behind you.