Now speak your search queries in front of your computer microphone and see the Google results on your screen.

Google is back in news with its new voice search feature now available on computers. Initially tried and tested in the android phones, the new voice search is now being tested globally on computers and laptops. According to some previous news, it was believed that Google Chrome 11 was designed with voice support and Google translator. But, with this new update launched by Google, it now seems that the company has more plans with the Google voice input.

The feature is no different from the one used in the android phones. Click on to the microphone icon and speak your query. Within seconds, Google will fetch you the related results on your screen. The feature is now in its testing period and not made available to all users across the globe. Once accepted by the users and passed by the technical heads, the feature is expected to be released soon for all web users. So, stop typing your long queries and speak them to your computer to see it find you the best solutions.