Google is back on the roll, this time testing a new feature in the search engine’s search result pages. According to reports, this new feature will allow users to have a full page preview of any website that they intend to click, before actually clicking through them.

The testing of this new feature was first spotted by a webmaster, Patrick Altoft, who instantly captured a screenshot of Google’s new experiment. He further attached a note saying, “One of the fascinating things about this is that they are highlighting certain sections of the page in orange and expanding the text to provide a snippet of information. This shows that they have the technology to know exactly where a piece of text is on every single web page. The snippets highlighted are not always the same as the snippet in the search results.”

click through

With a view of the feature displayed in the screenshot, Google’s new experiment is surely a fascinating experience and worth noting. However, it appears that the feature will not preview the entire page, as all longer webpages will be chopped off from their bottom in the display. is Moreover, this new Google testing is not quite a widely launched feature on the web and its going to be quite interesting to see on how many search features does the search engine forerunners release within this single year.

Previously in the spring, Google released the left panel navigation system and later launched its much talked about search feature, Google Instant. Until now, these two features have been the major changes made by the Search engine giants which were also accompanied by a few other minor releases. But however, if the new webpage preview feature is released all through the web, not as a testing, it will surely be included as yet another big release made by Google.

Moreover, as a result of this new feature, the entire Search Engine Optimization industry may have to suffer from a dramatic effect on the clickthrough rates of all the webpages, either for better or for worse. This will also highlight the real role and contribution of web designs and their unique features on the success of a website. It also inevitable that with the release of this feature, costumers or visitors will be more drifted towards the known websites and brands having better services and layouts as compared to the novel webpages.

Last year, Google released Browser Size, a tool that shows web owners on how visitors actually view your website on the web. The feature further displays the percentage of visitors who see only a specific part of your website without scrolling the page anymore. However, this tool should not have any effect on the new full page preview feature added to the SERPs, but might come handy when a user actually clicks through the page.

However, these releases don’t include Google’s releases for mobile devices, such as Voice Search, Google TV and Google Goggles.