On April 26 the Google Panda was updated to 3.6 and on June 8 the next updated Panda 3.7 hit the wave, it is just two weeks than now on 25th June, Google has again updated the Panda to 3.8. Google is constantly updating its algorithm and the stress is on companies and their marketing people.

Thankfully this time unlike the previous two the market will not be disturbed much. This new refresh will affect only ~1% of the total queries worldwide. Google later confirms that this update was done to refresh their data and confirm the algorithm. The updated algorithm has the same signals as in Panda 3.7. If we remember the last update, Panda 3.7 also affected only ~1% of the queries worldwide.

The only question that remain unanswered is should marketing people keep on updating their strategies and systems or they should be allowed to do some work?