For a long time now, Google has been constantly proving its web development commitment with its range of new and innovative applications released regularly within a short time period. The company’s commitment to upgrade the web and make it work much faster is now seen achieving newer standards with the release of its new application, an internally built image format, created especially for the web. According to the reports, the image format will have a huge and effectual impact on the page loading speed of websites on the web.

According to the detailed analysis of a website, it is known that photos and also videos, take up to about 65% of the total bytes which are usually transmitted during the data transfer. As a result, this automatically slows down the loading time of a website on web. The currently used image formats like JPEG, GIF and PNG formats are all considered as outdated image formats. It was this need of new image formats that inspired Google to design its new image format which also had a faster web loading time in the HTML browsers.

The image format is known as the WebP image format, currently an open source project that is derived with the main purpose of improving the quality of video image compression. The quality of the format has further been proved with the help of tests that included about 1 million photos picked randomly from the web. According to the tests, the new webP image format has 40% advantage on the websites, without affecting the visual quality of the images at any cost.

Moreover, in order to allow global use of the tool, Google has also decided to design and release a simple image format conversion tool. This tool will allow all webmasters to convert their web images instantly without affecting the bandwidth of the websites. However, as for now, the WebP image format is a great benefit to the SEO industry.