Google changes its algorithm quite frequently around hundred times a year. The changes due to these are subtle and are adjustable. But few updates introduced are major like Panda Effect(February 2011) and Caffeine Update (June 2010).

google hummingbird

Well, here comes another major update from Google termed as ‘Hummingbird’. Its an attempt made by Google to easily serve the needs of their users. Hummingbird update focuses more on what exactly a user is looking for in their search results. It separates the best of the material from scrap of the Internet.

Hummingbird update expands Google’s use of The Knowledge Graph introduced last year. It aims at giving the search engine a better grip at understanding core concepts rather than mere words. People now have become so much dependent on Google that they enter long questions in search box instead of few words. The methods in which Google searches Web will remain consistent. Only thing that will be altered is the results displayed by it. They will be best suited to its users query.

Looking ahead, Google can be expected to continue developing more on the predictive searches. world.