google-logoGoogle keeps on updating and changing its strategies for everything. You can find hundreds of complaints made by different people across the world in the Google Web Search Help forums. Lately, dozen of complaints from people living outside the U.S. are observed in the forum for the latest Google ccTLD change.

The change forces people across the world to browse through their country code top-level domain (ccTLD), for e.g. in Australia people will be redirected to .au. This restricts the people from getting the world view and information on their preferred topics. There are some topics that are not equally observed and searched in one country and people looking out for those topics face terrible problems. This system changes the point of view of browsers towards Google and now many people are planning to switch to other Search engines like Yahoo and Bing. The worst part of this change is, even if you are directed to through other Google sources like Google+ you will still end up reaching your ccTLD.

There are many discussions going on to prevent or escape this bifurcation between country and world, but no final solution is visible. Some say that using Chrome will prevent this, while some say that till you don’t visit your local ccTLD you will not redirected to the domain.

This change opens up new arena and gives smile on the face of ccTLD domain websites. With this change they will be able to see a different statistical advancements and progress in their ranking and traffic record. The question is, whether this is for permanent or just one of the Google experiments?