Being an SEO analyst, I understand the time consuming process to market a website. My lookout is not on the amount of time that I spend but on the directions and areas where I spend my time. For every SEO Analyst, it is important to allocate the available time and resources in the right direction.

I have been dealing with SEO and online marketing for past 6 years and I have experienced enough ups and downs with Google during my learning process. Now, it is very clear to all of us that Google is suggesting a straight one line strategy-“DO NOT SERVE US, SERVE YOUR VISITORS
To serve our visitors is always important for our Brand. The only thing we should take care is quality of work and dedication in all the required areas of;

  • Analysis
  • Writing
  • Designing
  • Sharing & Linking

If we analyse the whole process, SEO and Online Marketing is a perfect example of Team Work. Earlier it was feasible to manage the whole SEO single handed. But after panda and penguin updates and refreshes, we have to take care of every minute step we are taking in SEO to maintain the quality and visibility. We should delegate our work to the expert for each and every activity of SEO.
Let’s discuss the structural changes we analyzed due to updated Google strategy.

SEO Team in 2007

SEO was a new term and system to work on and people feared putting their resources in this area.

SEO Team in 2010

Thanks to Google, companies and people started to know about the value of SEO in online marketing and reputation building.

SEO Team in 2013

Today, SEO stands way ahead of SEM and has incorporated many new strategies and systems like SMO (Social media Optimization).

Yes, it’s strange but it’s true! Over the years, the face and necessities of SEO have changed a lot. It is important that we edit and add to our strategies accordingly. Today, you cannot get to the top with just link building or content posting. Creativity, strategy and relevance have got the lead and the people who are practicing these three qualities are getting the top in SEO.

Couple of years back infographic had no role in SEO, but today it has become an important medium to reach to the clients. SEO and SMO and even SEM use infographic. It is because people prefer to see a picture than to read a long article. This also brought in the role of a designer and creative writer in SEO. In 2007 we never required a designer or a creative writer, but today they have an important place in SEO team structure!

SMO Expert knows how to create a brand reputation and how to place links on social networking and media sites. SMO became one of the very important aspects of SEO as per current Google strategy with the entry of Google+.

When I observe these things from the top as a SEO Analyst what I see is that proper division of work is essential to make things happen. Even a link builder should know how and where to place links. Here we again give importance to quality link building than quantity link building that we used to practice in the past. This is why today we require creative link builder and planner.

We should always remember that Google, Bing or any other search engine do not want us to cheat our customers. If we are true to them we are automatically on the top.

Do you really think, one should manage the whole SEO project alone in the current scenario? NO! If you want success in SEO, you should hire a team/company that has specialized professionals for every division mentioned in Image 3.

You can also consult an individual with capability to build and use his network to get work done in different areas. But it is very difficult to find such a person.

I am not sharing this to De-market single SEO consultant strategy, but I am sharing these points which I found important to take any decision to get SEO and Branding Solutions.

Let’s see how Google drives us to come up with New SEO Team structure by 2020!