No myths and no hypes about how to achieve top rankings in search engines! If you are looking forward to learning simple and effective methods to see your website top the search engine pages, this article is exactly what you have been looking for. Learn the best tips and strategies to promote your website and see it flourish through the online market.

Before we start discussing about the true facts about reaching the top, lets first learn something about search engines.

Search engines have their own list of secrets and algorithms that they follow for ranking webpages based on their content and keywords. Each search engine strives to offer the best content to its customers and hence compete with each other. On the contrary, SEO experts study the functioning of these search engines and try to find loopholes in their algorithms that will help their clients reach the top of the ranking pages.

SEO strategies can be categorized into two categories namely, white hat and black hat strategies. The white hat strategies involve genuine methods and working based on the preferences of the search engines for bringing the client websites on the top. On the other hand, the black hat strategies involve working on the loopholes of search engines and cheating them for reaching to the top of the ranking pages. Black hat strategies work exceptionally faster, but Google experts will soon locate your strategies and ban you from their search engine. This is also known as being Google slapped. Recovering from this ban takes a long time.

The factors that contribute to the ranking system constantly keep changing which makes it extremely difficult to know which of these factors actually work for the success of your webpage. However, to help you improve your ranking, here are a few “white hat strategies” that have been successful over the long time period.

  • Select a quality theme content that is keyword rich. However, this doesn’t mean that you stuff all your keywords together and make your content look theme based. Quality simply means providing high quality theme based information to your readers with proper use of keywords. Each day, search engines are getting smarter, selecting high quality content. They are no longer selecting pages with keywords, but also check the content information before ranking the pages.
  • Link your website with other higher ranked genuine websites. Having links pointing to your website helps the search engine spiders to know the relevancy of your webpage. However, make sure you link your site with only those sites that offer related content. Your webpage will not benefit if you link it with non-related websites. Select authority sites with higher ranks for better results.
  • Search engines rank older sites higher due to their durability and experience. However, they work best if they remain active for longer duration. Search engines love websites that are updated regularly. This helps them offer the best information to all their visitors.
  • If receiving links can help your webpage, linking out to other higher ranked webpages also proves beneficial. Link out your website with other related websites and get more points on your website ranking.
  • For any website, keywords play a major role in their success. Select specific short tail and long tail keywords that are related to your theme. This will help your local business as well.
  • Unique content is the most IMPORTANT factor amongst all these strategies. Ensure you offer unique content to your visitors, and the search engine will take care of your website.

Myths about SEO

If an SEO expert promises you top ranks on the SERPs, they are lying to you. No SEO strategy can assure a place in the first page of SERPs. An SEO expert can only assure you his best efforts to help you reach the top ranking page. Well, there are mainly 6 ways that can help you get high quality links for your website from other top authority websites.

  1. Buy links
  2. Discuss with them about embedding your link in their site
  3. Offering them unique content that they want on their websites
  4. Get enrolled into their affiliate program
  5. Get linked with a lower ranked webpage and wait until they reach the top of SERPs
  6. Create a well designed, informative, unique and well optimized website that people freely add your website link into their website.

Do you believe the number you receive when you check the back linker? Well if you do, you are probably going the wrong way. The tool does not offer you an accurate result.

Search engines never want you to know their little secret about linking and ranking. After all, search engines are in direct competition with the SEO experts. However, if you want to find a more accurate answer about your links, type the following into your address bar:

Simply replace the “yourdomain” with your website URL, excluding the .com and also the www.

Finally, what is the most effective SEO strategy?

Optimize your webpage and also W3C amenable. Remove all excess coding by saving them into your external files. Ensure that the H1, H2 and the H3 tags are relevant to your website theme. Check whether the meta tags fit perfectly into the content.

Update your site with regular content. Make hundreds of pages, each pointing out to your website. Also make sure your content is unique and relevant to the theme of your website and also includes the keywords rightly. Submit your site to DMOZ and hold your patience. Also create a strong linking platform that will boost the quality of your website most. With this, you can safely ensure a place in the first page of the SERPs.