On clicking your ad or link the user comes to your website page known as landing page. Your campaign should make a lasting impression on visitors long enough to sell your product or converse.

You spend months in research and analysis, paying heavy bills to get that desired website for product launch.  Search engine marketing & optimization personnel know the importance of appropriate landing page design to hold customers onto their sites for good business. Conversion occurs when user buys the product/ service online. To make this happen you may want to begin with the following:

  1. Optimizing your resources with variety according to priority of your products but keeping it simple.
  2. Flow of material should be continuous and relevant. It shows you are into serious business and know your task well.
  3. Economic value of your page should be kept in mind when designing it. Many sites want unique looks but end up with awkward or imbalanced sites marketing their services inefficiently.
  4. Accessorize your page with your viewer’s choices in mind which should be clutter free. Do research on what is worth keeping and what is not!
  5. Grabbing eye balls for longer is the main concern with proper layout, so consider what will keep your browser engaged & looking for more. Use colors, graphics, images and white space resourcefully.
  6. Track your site and its process by tools for online assessments so the user is hooked and booked for buying.
  7. Get group of browsers to look up your site to assure the website appeals to general surfer with apt friendly design and outlook.
  8. Virtual folds need to be in place with substance so the browser will surf further instead of leaving the page.
  9. Ask for as less information as possible with all convenient cursor hop input, auto population, exit and scroll down menu buttons.
  10. Prevent form processing errors and try to remove any fault in site functionality as this can affect conversion extensively.
  11. You should have your standard privacy and contact information posted on site so users consider it trustworthy for conversion.

All you want to do is get maximum reaction to your website through SEO and PPC services following relevant action in marketing your products.  You can outrace your competitors, if you tweak your page with these guidelines to make them better landing pages.