News by Google can bring shocks, especially to the SEO and the webmasters of IT industry. If you have been recovering from the Google Panda effect seen lately, there is a serious reason to look out now. Google Panda 2.2 will be released in the coming months.

This time Matt Cutts has validated this rumor and the complaints pertaining to Panda 2.0 have been corrected. Mainly webmasters were bothered about the websites which used their content and re-published it on their pages. The rankings of new pages are higher as compared to the ones with original content owners. This has been a painful issue Google has been finding solutions to this top priority problem after the previous Panda 2.0 release.

At SMX Advanced Conference held in the city of Seattle, it was declared that new version of the manually run algorithm Panda 2.2 will be an answer to this burning problem. As complains have been coming in from all parts of the globe. Sites haven’t been able to recover completely after Google Panda took away their rankings. The algorithm has certainly helped the users, but it was punishment for many websites.

Rankings hold the key to profits, exposure and existence of online property. Most webmasters are now keen to know if the new version 2.2 will be a step to their recovery or more damage to their page rankings and web status. Only the release of this new Google Panda 2.2 update will provide answers to all the curious SEO experts and aid in their recovery process.

The discussion with Danny Sullivan led to the information about creation of another update in form of Google Panda 2.2. Release dates are not yet confirmed, so the word by Matt Cutts can only be considered as positive news of such a new algorithm upcoming soon.