WordPress CMS and WordPress SEO plugins have always been the favorite topic for most online SEO marketers. Believed to be the most widely used CMS for blogging and creating an impactful business venture in the online market, WordPress has had added benefits on the SEO market. However, the onset of the New Year, 2011 brings along a fresh aroma of success along with the list of SEO plugins. Here is a brief about the 5 best wordpress SEO plugin that you should know about for a successful SEO business. Each of these plugins described below promise to boost the value your wordpress based website across the SEO market and hence its success in the space.

5 best wordpress SEO plugin for your social media websites in 2011

1. DiggDigg

A long kept secret, its time most SEO marketers learn about this powerful wordpress SEO plugin.

An all-in-one plugin, DiggDigg is designed to handle all your Facebook Share, ReTweet buttons that help your visitors to share your web content easily throughout the social media world. This wordpress seo plugin is extremely flexible in its features and functionality, which hence makes it top the chart of the best SEO plugins.

The plugin allows you to display reTweet buttons at the head of your site content. It also allows an interesting floating Retweet button widget across the side of the content. It also lets you choose the Retweet button you wish amongst TweetMeme, Twitter or Topsy. This wordpress seo plugin also allows you to display the Stumbleupon and Linkedln share button. You can also select any URL shortener you wish to use in your site.

2. Disqus Comment System

Amongst the huge list of the comment systems available in the market, Disqus surely catches the eyes of all smart SEO marketers. The design and the functionalities offered by the plugin are remarkable. It provides great functions for the threaded comments, black and also white listing the commentators. It also allows the users to post their comments on Twitter and Facebook apart from your blog post. This is one of those wordpress seo plugins that will help your readers to share their thoughts about your posts and site, hence strengthening the client and visitor relationship.

3. Facebook Like Button

Another similar plugin like DiggDigg, Facebook Like button still succeeds in making its own distinctive appeal. One particular feature DiggDigg lacks is its capability to display faces like this new Facebook like button plugin. All you need to do is just install the plugin and use it in your website to experience its grooving features.

4. Feedblitz FeedSmart

For most web marketers and their visitors, RSS feeds is the only way that your visitors get to know about your recent blog content. Hence, it gets essential that you display your articles perfectly on the RSS page. However, the basic WordPress RSS feeds plugin didn’t quite provide this functionality and nor does it allow email subscriptions. This is where you need Feedblitz feedSmart for your website. One of the most helpful wordpress seo plugins, it offers highly customizable RSS feed management system while also offering additional social media functionalities you wish for your website. This will help you keep a better metric track about your visitors but also promote the number of RSS subscribers by simply displaying the plugin chicklet on your website.

5. YouTube Widget

Getting famous across the web is the only way to boosting your ranks and your ROI. This is the only reason why you need to have the YouTube channel on your website. A simple but extremely useful widget, this plugin allows you display the number of your YouTube videos you wish to display in your website. This is the best wordpress seo plugin. It will boost your image on the web and hence your website’s search engine optimization.

So, now that you are aware about these 5 top SEO plugins, make sure you utilize them this new era and see your website achieve its peak success.