For every online webmaster, their website is their prized possession. It is also the very basic requirement that boosts their business and is hence, one of the most highly maintained assets. Your website also helps you lure clients to your local business, thus giving it a bigger platform to market in the international market. However, when marketing your website on the web, there are a few suicidal tactics that you should avoid for a smooth online experience. These key points include:

  • Over use of Flash: Using Flash designing is quite an interesting way to lure customers and clients. But, it’s also important that you think about this from the prospective of a client or a regular user. They look really good. However, using it several times in your website becomes quite irritating to the clients. Moreover, flash is basically unreadable by the search engine giants, Google. Hence, this could have a really devastating result on your search engine rankings. So, if you are planning to use Flash, make sure you use it moderately.
  • Too many PopUps or new windows: Pop ups are little but a greatly annoying feature used in adult sites on the web. Even the new browsers have successfully eradicated their use on the web. They cause clutter and always indicate spams. Also, these pop ups and new windows, break the commonly used back button chain. Hence, adding pop ups to your site can be a really bad idea.
  • Music and lengthy introductions: Clients are attracted to new features and not length stuff like huge introductions. Users look for information that is easy to access and saves their browsing time. Hence, it gets important that you keep your website details short and precise, rather than long introductions with music. Moreover, music added to your website also slows it down. But, if you have decided to use this feature, make sure you also offer the users a volume button to regulate or switch off the button.
  • Not displaying your quotes: A really tricky marketing strategy that is commonly followed by most online marketers! Showing your prices to your consumer is normally a feature added to the ecommerce based websites. Displaying prices to your customers increases the transparency level between your administration and the clients which helps boost your business relations. Hence, you should display your rates, rather than hiding them and keeping your clients guessing.